Wednesday, June 05, 2019

I'm At Your Command, Matthias

Some news on the Kursk front -- there is no Kursk! We've been telling you about Thomas Vinterberg's sad submarine movie starring his Far From the Madding Crowd star Matthias Schoenaerts since the second it was announced, because naturally. And when it was announced all the way up through its release earlier this year in other countries the film has been titled Kursk, after the name of the doomed Russian submarine whose tale the film tells. Well nobody knows that tale here in the U.S. because all we know is the tip of our own noses, so for the U.S. the film's been retitled -- it's now oh-so-memorably called The Command

It's also gotten itself a proper release date -- the film is apparently already showing for DirecTV customers (I'm not one or else I would've known this) and then it's getting released in "select theaters" come June 21st. So soon! I've heard mixed things about the movie but I've still got good hopes for it all the same -- I mean, Vinterberg & Schoenaerts! It will at least be something gorgeous to ogle. Anyway this re-titling means the U.S. trailer for the film's different from the International one we posted last September, and I'll share that with you here below...

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