Thursday, September 06, 2018

Take Me Deep, Matthias Schoenaerts

After Far From the Madding Crowd it should be the precise opposite of surprising that I would watch the trailer for director Thomas Vinterberg's new film and think, "My god, how beautiful it looks," and yet I have to admit that my first thought was surprise upon watching this here first trailer for Kursk, Vinterberg's upcoming real-life submarine drama starring Matthias Schoenaerts and Colin Firth and Léa Seydoux. This trailer...

... is crammed full of stunning images.

Look no further than the whole "submarine drama" thing for where my skepticism must've come from - movies set on subs are always dreary cramped business, dark blue and full of anonymous pipes leading in circles. Kursk does have plenty of that but seems to open it up an awful lot, with color and light, judging off this footage.

All that plus Matty attacking a dude in the shower?

What's not to love?
We posted the first couple of pictures from Kursk a couple of weeks back - click here for those. (And if you missed our big post on Matthias himself yesterday click here for that.) The movie is playing Toronto next week I believe, and is out in France in November, but we haven't got a US release date just yet - hence the French subtitles on this trailer. I imagine we'll get a US trailer once that's all sorted out. I will keep you informed!

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par3182 said...

it needs to be beautiful because it's sure to be the most depressing film of the year