Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Good Morning, World

I mentioned a rumor last week that we'd get a glimpse of Alexander Skarsgard dancing in his underwear in the new season of Big Little Lies and sure enough they saved the best for first -- it happened right here in this week's premiere episode. Calling it "a glimpse" is unfortunately accurate though, as this is all there was -- I turned to the boyfriend right after this moment flashed across the screen and told him I'm sure that Andrea Arnold took several days shooting this sequence, however. She's good, smart people. Anyway what did we think of the premiere? The show is definitely operating on a different vibe but it's got a different (better, if you ask me) director behind the camera now so it will inevitably feel a little different. Anyway I was entertained, Laura Dern struck superhero poses in a super-dress, they seem to be concerned with Zoe Kravitz's character's inner life, Meryl Streep called Reese Witherspoon short, and there was dancing to Sufjan's song from Call Me By Your Name -- I am great.


Unknown said...

I haven't figured out yet why I thought the episode was so flat. Meryl surely livened things up but nothing else really clicked for me (yet). Not giving up, just not giving myself over yet. And that Shailene girl dancing to Mystery Of Love in the same scene as that Chalamet doppleganger was just weird.

Aquinas1220 said...

As Unknown said above, I also felt the first episode was a bit flat. It didn't have the dynamism of season one's getting to know the larger-than-life personalities of these people (perhaps the curse of all follow-up seasons). It's so well-written that I'm hardly giving up on it, but I hope the season picks up (PS: I feel the same way about the brand new season of Handmaid's Tale. Just feels off a bit).

Anonymous said...

The last frame of two of that GIF is just delightful.