Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Who Wore It Best?

I know bunches of you got to see Rocketman over the weekend when it had an early screening across the country -- I had a ticket to go but it overlapped with other plans I had and they ran long, so I missed it. Anyway my point is if you saw it I hate you and you should not ever never speak to me never ever again. Or at least not until it's out for the rest of us on May 31st. Whichever comes first!

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Carl said...

I am surprised that I'm actually still interested in this! When 11 year old me heard his rich, masculine baritone on the Lion King soundtrack, I became a big fan. Although I wouldn't call myself a regular listener anymore, his music has been something of a touchstone, and I didn't trust Hollywood (or Taron, tbh) to get it right. But I like what I hear about the musical numbers, the performances, and the gay stuff.

David said...

Not an easy choice. I went with Madden because you can't go wrong with a classic dinner jacket.
That said: I would still prefer to see both of those tuxes in a pile on my bedroom floor and judge who *doesn't wear it* better.