Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Quote of the Day

John Waters' new book Mr. Know-it-all: The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder is out today! Did you get your copy? I am currently sitting in my office angrily glaring at the front door waiting for the goddamned mail-person to walk in with mine, my head clouded with thoughts like...

So while I sharpen my shiv and continue waiting let's all read a brand new chat with the Pope of Filth over at NPR today (thx Mac) -- here's a bit that got me to literally cackle loudly:

"Some of the people that I would bring home, my friends, [my mother] would be horrified, but she was polite. I remember when we made Multiple Maniacs [a 1970 film about psychotic killers who perform in a traveling sideshow] at my parents' house and filmed the "Cavalcade of Perversion" [the sideshow act] on the front lawn. Divine came in afterwards in a bloody one-piece white woman's bathing suit carrying an ax, and my mother served us tea, as if Princess Di had come over!"


Chip Chandler said...

I must automatically add this book every time you mention it on here. I was up to 3 copies in my Amazon shopping cart and 1 in the saved-for-later section.

Anonymous said...

I read this as Divine was wearing a bathing suit belonging to a white woman and I was like "huh...?"