Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Riptide (1934)

Tommie: If you'd only be true to yourself.
Listen. Listen to those birds up there.
They don't have to drink to be gay. That don't
have to doll up and gab a lot of nonsense!

The actor Robert Montgomery was born this day the year 1904. I've seen him in a couple of things -- Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Alfred Hitchcock's Mr. & Mrs. Smith -- but I wouldn't consider myself particularly well-versed in his filmography. Any fans can suss out his best stuff? I should see more, for sure.


Chip Chandler said...

"Night Must Fall," which also has Rosalind Russell, and "Private Lives" are must-sees. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" are pretty solid too.

joel65913 said...

Like most big studio stars he was incredibly prolific appearing in his share of clunkers but he did make quite a few pictures worth checking out beside the ones you’ve seen. But you’ve seen one of his best-Mr. Jordan, already.

Night Must Fall-Creepy and dark.
June Bride-A frothy comedy that has some sexism issues but balancing them out is the cast which consists of Bette Davis, Mary Wickes and Fay Bainter in prominent roles and a quick glimpse near the end of Debbie Reynolds in her first screen role.
The Lady in the Lake
Private Lives
Ride the Pink Horse
Unfinished Business-A serio/comic sort of screwball number with Irene Dunne.

The Earl of Chicago
Fast and Loose-Again with Roz Russell this time in a comic mystery. Their styles blended well.
Forsaking All Others-with Crawford and Gable
Inspiration-with Garbo. As with all Garbo films she’s really the focus.
Live, Love and Learn-Roz again this time in a daffy comedy.
Rage in Heaven-Not a great film but it’s one of Ingrid Bergman’s earliest American films and she’s torn between Montgomery and George Sanders!
The Saxon Charm-Montgomery plays a bastard of a producer mixing it up with Susan Hayward, John Payne, Audrey Totter and Harry Morgan.
They Were Expendable-A very good film but it depends how you feel about war films.
Three Loves Has Nancy
When Ladies Meet-I prefer the 40’s remake with Joan Crawford, Greer Garson and Robert Taylor but this one is decent and has Myrna Loy and Frank Morgan as well as Montgomery.