Thursday, May 09, 2019

Noah Centineo & Shawn Mendes Panty Party

I considered saving these new shots of Noah Centineo for Calvin Klein underwear for tomorrow's "Good Morning" post but fuck waiting. Fuck it in its perfect bum! 

Ahem. If you missed the previous one that Noah he did click here
It's worth the stroke of your finger, I tells ya. 

CK also dropped a bunch of new Shawn Mendes pictures too, but I posted them on the Tumblr last night -- you can see them right here. Oh wait except for one picture that I missed. I should post the one picture that I missed, right? Right. I'll answer my own question with the affirmative, emphasis on THE "firm"...

On that previous post I'd also included a poll forcing you to choose between these two by the way, and that poll is still open, so go vote. This new information might sway you one way or another. (Also click these pics to embiggen, they embiggen, a lot.) 

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Anonymous said...

You are providing a public service with sharing these, Jason. Thank you.