Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Matt Bomer Be My Papi

I still haven't gotten around to seeing director John Butler's 2016 gay romance Handsome Devil (starring pillowy-lipped gratuitous post recipient Nicholas Galitzine) even though I've heard good things about it and it's been on Netflix for ages -- I guess I should do that now that Butler has a new movie coming out that looks interesting, and also gay.

It's called Papi Chulo (which translates to "Pimp Daddy" dontcha know) and it stars the ever gorgeous Matt Bomer as a sad and lonely TV weatherman (who is also, it should be noted, a true homosexual) who befriends the migrant worker (Alejandro Patiño) he hires to fix his deck, and it's got itself a trailer. Which I will now share.

Papi Chulo is out on June 7th.
Take it away, Matt...


Anonymous said...

Chulo in this context means pretty.

Jason Adams said...

Oh thanks, Anon. My reliance on Google Translate betrays me again!

Adrian C said...

Papi Chulo is fun, so is Handsome Devil, neither is spectacular but a good time for sure.