Thursday, May 30, 2019

Andrew Scott Two Times

Two more shots of Andy via that NYT profile I shared last week have popped up and thank goodness they did -- I needed to spend the rest of the afternoon having more sacrilegious thoughts about Fleabag's so-called (and so called for good reason) Sexy Priest. I hope all this attention he's been getting from new quarters renews interest in more episodes of Sherlock, only they make it a prequel and it's all about Moriarty this time. That's my dream anyway!

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George G said...

It's so bizarre how I don't find him attractive at all physically, so photos of him do nothing for me. But the minute he is on screen as Hot Priest and opens his mouth and that slightly-more-agitated-Mark-Ruffalo-via-Dublin voice comes out, I just spontaneously ovulate.