Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pics of the Day

Cary Fukunaga began filming the still-untitled new 007 film down in Jamaica this week, and folks on Twitter have been snapping photos of the gang left right and center -- DH was kind enough to gather up several of the threads to click on over there to see 'em all. Spotted so far are... 

... Craig Daniel Craig, Jeffrey Wright returning for the third time as the CIA agent Felix Leiter, and then there's our boy Billy Magnussen, who got himself cast in the flick back in February as another CIA agent supposedly. Funny enough I just spotted Billy on the sidewalk a few days ago (see tweet) which must've been right before he left for the set. I should've stalked him and climbed into his luggage.

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Robert H said...

Craig certainly looks like he's got himself back in fighting form. Nice to see Geoffrey Wright again. Hope they've got a decent script, with all that money riding on this.