Monday, April 08, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Serial Mom (1994)

Beverly: Officers, life doesn't have to be ugly. See,
look at the birds out there. Listen to their call:
"Oo-ee! Oo-ee! Oo-ee! Oo-ee! Oo-ee!"

Is it weird that nearly every time I walk into the kitchen of my apartment I get Beverly Sutphin's bird-song stuck in my head? It happens at least three times a week, and I swear to you that I'm not exaggerating. Just ask my exasperated boyfriend.

Anyway, my mild psychoses aside, Serial Mom turns 25 this week! It was released on April 13th 1994 -- did you see it on its original run? It was, for like many of my generation, my introduction to John Waters -- I saw it well before I really knew who he was and I was scandalized, I tell you, scandalized! The "Sun'll Come Out"  dog shrimping scene left a scar. If I'd known what John had done earlier in his career poor innocent little me would have fainted. 

And since MoMA is screening Female Trouble in a couple of days I decided to give this week's "Beauty vs Beast" at The Film Experience over to this double dose of Dreamlanders -- click on over to vote your Mom of the Week. (And don't forget that John has a new book coming out next month!!!)

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Laramie Dean said...

"You can't wear white shoes after Labor Day."

"That's not true anymore!"

"Yes. It is. Didn't your mother ever tell you?" THWUMP! "Now you know."

"No! Please! Fashion has changed!"

"No. It hasn't." THWUMP!