Monday, March 11, 2019

With A Son Like Finn

On Friday I told you about a forthcoming serial killer drama for FOX called Prodigal Son because the actor Michael Sheen, who we like quite a lot, is going to play a serial killer (nicknamed The Surgeon) on it. I tend not to watch these procedurals but Michael Sheen can convince me of many things. Anyway the lead on the show isn't actually Michael -- the lead is Michael's character's son, who uses his knowledge of dear daddy's psychosis to profile killers for the FBI, and it looks like Finn Jones, former Game of Thrones gay and hotly disliked Netflix hero, has nabbed the part (thx Mac). Oh and thing I just noticed -- the show is being directed by the guy who made that Age of Adaline movie with Blake Lively and, more importantly, Michiel Huisman in a towel. Put Michael Sheen in a towel, you cowards! Or Finn too, I suppose.

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