Monday, March 11, 2019

Popping Tom Holland's Cherry

Jake Gyllenhaal's favorite Spider-man Tom Holland -- didja see Jake say he's "super into" him? Uh huh we bet -- has lined up a thing to do with his Spider-man costume off (besides Jake Gyllenhaal). He is going to star in Cherry (with Marvel's favorite directors the Russo Brothers directing), which is the true-life story of an Iraq War veteran who comes home, gets addicted to opioids, and starts robbing banks. Well how much of the book it's based on is fact and how much is fiction I can't quite suss out -- they say it "parallels" author Nico Walker's experience but they're also clear to emphasize it's fictional too. Whatever. We live in a post-truth world. Just tell me a good story and make me forget it all, please. (thx Mac)

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