Friday, March 08, 2019

I Am Link

--- No Really Now - As I've been previewing for weeks now (months, actually) Gregg Araki's giddy gay day-dream for Starz called Now Apocalypse is premiering this very weekend, on Sunday night. I recommend you watch it, I have found the episodes I've seen so far bonkers sexy fun. Anyway there is a very good piece on Araki, that chats with the man himself, over at The Ringer -- they look back at his entire career and how it's all been trash-compacted-up (that is meant as a compliment) into this show, which touches on everything he's stood for since he started the 90s.

--- The Sheen Is Off - It's a big year for our boy Michael Sheen -- Neil Gaiman's Good Omens premieres on Amazon in May, which has him playing the sissy angel Aziraphale. But he's getting his evil on this year too -- he's just signed on to play a serial killer on a FOX drama called Prodigal Son. Dubbed "The Surgeon" (that sounds promisingly gross) he's the father of the lead character, a criminal psychologist who learned how killers think from dear ol' dad.

--- Big Horror Scream writer Kevin Williamson is teaming up with Hostel director Eli Roth for an adaptation of the book The River at Night, which is giving me some Descent-vibes description-wise -- a girl who's recovering from the death of her brother goes on a wilderness rafting trip with some girlfriends to get her mind off things and, well, things don't go as planned. Okay they don't mention cave monsters so maybe it's more like Deliverance than The Descent.

--- Smile Jacky Boy - It seems like a good idea to me for Jack O'Connell to do something a bit lighter, movie-wise -- I feel like he's always grimacing and grunting (sexily, but still) whenever I see him on-screen. So I look forward to this sci-fi romance called Little Fish that he's just signed on for, which'll have him living in a world where memory is running out, opposite Bates Motel and Ready Player One actress Olivia Cooke. 

--- Squad Member - I remain agnostic on there being a Suicide Squad sequel since the first movie was so so so very lousy even with such a mostly good cast, but the cast just got a little more interesting to me now that Will Smith has left the project and Idris Elba has been brought in to replace him as the super-shooter Deadshot. Will Smith wasn't even really that bad in the first film, to be honest - he certainly wasn't one of its biggest problems, anyway - but I still prefer looking at Idris on all counts. Him and Jai Courtney palling around? Yes please. (thx Mac)

--- And Finally hey remember when I posted that video of Alessandro Nivola doing some shirtless karate training on his Instagram? That was for a movie called The Art of Self-Defense that has him playing the "charismatic and mysterious Sensei" (according to IMDb anyway) to Jesse Eisenberg, who's looking to learn how to defend himself. Well the film is about to play South By Southwest next week (before it hits theaters in June) and the folks at BirthMoviesDeath have got the first teaser trailer -- check it out here. And below I giffed what is naturally my favorite moment...

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indifferent pointy guy said...

And please, please, please put Thoroughbreds on any list of Olivia Cooke's work because, dear Lord, it's the BEST. My personal #1 from last year.