Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Which is Hotter?

I'm surprised that I didn't ask this question when Joe Kerry and Dacre Montgomery had their big homoerotic shower-n-wrestling scenes on Stranger Things last time around but here's to hoping that the third season keeps that vibe going, since it's an integral part of anything from the 80s that Stranger Things so deeply fetishizes. 

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Anyway yes these shots are from the new trailer, which looks like a lot of fun -- I'm loving all of the Shopping Mall shit in there, which is taking me right back. If we don't get a Chopping Mall reference though I'll be hella pissed. Here's the trailer:
Stranger Things returns on July 4th. 
Now with 100% more Harbour Stache!

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Adrian C said...

ugh, I hated the red power ranger's character and his self-hate fueled homophobia, I could really do without his scenes on this show, which were just as good and appreciated as the eleven's sister episode.