Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Kung Fu Charlie Manson

The first "teaser" for Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has arrived -- I am never going to understand what designates this as a "teaser" when it seems like a full-ass trailer to my eyes -- and you've probably watched it by now; hell you've probably watched it a couple of times by now. It is a "teaser" after all, I guess! I feel teased! It mainly highlights Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt's characters, who play an actor and his stuntman respectively, as well as Margot Robbie getting out of a pool naturally. But there is a lot of stuntman-slash-actor Mike Moh (who's playing Bruce Lee) featured too, and I am fine...

... with that! In that gif at the start of this post that's Moh duking it out with Emile Hirsch playing Jay Sebring, who was Sharon Tate's ex-boyfriend slash hairdresser slash close friend -- he was one of the people who got murdered by the Manson Family that fateful night.

Sharon definitely had a type, didn't she? Anyway the trailer is a heckuva lotta fun if you ask me, and reminds me, after some reticence with regards to this specific subject, why a Tarantino Film is a goddamned event. Perhaps I'm swayed by the fact that the whole Manson thing isn't mentioned once in this teaser? I doubt we'll be so lucky when the "full trailer" comes along so let's enjoy the madcap while we can.
Hollywood hits on July 26th.
So how are we all feeling now...?

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Anonymous said...

i was a fan of emile hirsch because i had a crush and he seemed like a respite to the general machismo of actors at that time. Now I just dont think a guy who went to court for literally strangling a woman is the best casting choice for a film about Sharon Tate.