Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Quote of the Day

While doing press for Triple Frontier a few weeks back the guys -- the guys being Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund and Oscar Isaac and Pedro pascal and Ben Affleck, of course -- got asked by Entertainment Tonight about the pap-snaps that sent a hundred thousand homosexuals to the hospital, i.e. the shots of BFFs Charlie & Garrett wrestling half-naked in the surf, and this was how the dudes reacted:

“They told us that was a private beach!” Garrett Hedlund explained of the snaps, which were taken in Hawaii in March 2018, while the actors were in town to shoot the film. After seeing the images go public, it seems some of the stars were quietly cringing. “I mean, they were humiliating,” Charlie Hunnam said. “We’re in our Speedos, like wrestling!” “Marginally more humiliating for you, but I still got my share,” Hunnam added after Hedlund pointed out he was on the bottom of the wrestling scenario.

Yo, you guys are seriously over-reacting to this. Come on, Charlie -- we've seen Littlefinger with his face buried betwixt your butt-cheeks -- I think you can take a little Sexy Gladiator attention. Thanks for pointing out who's the bottom, though! (I would've bet on put money on that one, though.) Anyway wash the gay panic away with more pictures here, and bonus there's a gallery of Charlie & Garrett jogging around half-naked here. Y'all love it.



okay if those board shorts are "speedos" are board shorts going to become like tents that cover everything from the neck down? Straight men are so weird

Gary said...

hardly speedos boys, calm down