Thursday, February 21, 2019

Great Gratuity of 2018 #8

For years now I've been screaming at every movie that's trotted out the Parent Trap treatment to double up its leading men into leading twins, and what has been my scream? Make them make out! It's the harm-free Narcissus Fantasy of our dreams! But nobody ever heard me. Tom Hardy, nope. Jake Gyllenhaal, no go. Why even invent the technology if you're not going to show us all the possibilities???

Well thankfully French filmmaker and artsy pervert François Ozon heard our cries, watched a bunch of Brian de Palma movies and rang up his muse Jérémie Renier on the phone, and L'amant Double aka The Double Lover was born. The film just placed 16th on my Top 20 films of 2018, and that spirit of "Can Do, Will Do!" is a big part of why.

Here's my original review from last February. Of course since the film's been out for an entire year now I've pretty dutifully covered it here on the site by now -- click here for some, and click here for some more. May Ozon live to flesh out our twisted fantasies for many years to come!

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