Thursday, February 21, 2019

Pantys 2018 - Actor to Actor #7

Among many things we're doing this week as part of our "Golden Trousers" awards we're taking a look at our 20 favorite performances of 2018 -- how we're doing this is we randomly selected ten pairs of names from our list and then we're imagining a moment between the two characters chosen. Ten times. You can see our previous ones here but for now here's our seventh random pairing from our 2018 faves...

Charley (Charlie Plummer) in Lean on Pete meets
Michael Banks (Ben Whishaw) in Mary Poppins Returns

Michael: Whenever I'm down I just
 fly a kite! Have you any kites on hand?
Charley: Nope. No kites. I ran away
 from home when my dad died.
I forgot all the kites then, I guess.
Michael: Oh. I'm sorry. What about balloons?
Have you any balloons with which you can
tumble to and fro through the pink tinged heavens?
Charley: Hmm let me check oh wait no a car
just ran over my only bag of balloons, sorry.
Michael: Oh dear. Well, what about a nanny?
Have you an adorably irascible nanny on the premises?
Charley: Fresh out, dude.

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