Friday, February 15, 2019

Butch Boys in the Locker-room

Do you think that Garrett Hedlund drew the short straw meaning that he ended up having to be the one getting half-naked in the locker-room scene in Triple Frontier, seen above out of the just-dropped second trailer? Everyone else in the scene -- Charlie Hunnam and Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal (who it should be noted is sitting very, very close to Garrett) is fully dressed. 

Please note that I am not complaining, but why is this scene even set in a locker-room if they're all not going to dedicate themselves to the moment? This conversation should be happening in the group showers as they lather each other up, duh. I'm disappointed in you, Triple Frontier. I'm also starting to worry that those scenes we saw of Charlie & Garrett rolling around half-naked in the sand might've been during their free-time, now that we've gone two trailers without a glimpse of that. Hrmmm...

Click here to see the first trailer if you missed it; 
Triple Frontier hits Netflix on March 13th.

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