Friday, February 15, 2019

Pics of the Day

This is presumably a spoiler for the third season of the show but The Handmaids Tale appears to be filming on the Mall in Washington DC this afternoon -- you can see some more pictures over here. Either they're filming something or Margaret Atwood has proven too reliable a narrator once again and we've gone full extremist. After our President's fascistic press conference today it seems entirely possible! Can you find the Mike Pence in these pictures?

I probably wouldn't normally post these pictures -- even though I love the show -- but I'm actually headed to DC for the next four days myself and now I'm really hoping they're filming over the weekend so I can see some of this myself. Fingers crossed. On that tip I got some good answers from y'all when I tweeted this last week but if anybody has anything they want to add for me to check out this weekend have at it in the comments, your assistance is always appreciated...


Countervail said...

For books, the Library of Congress is pretty amazing too. All the architecture and decoration was done by artisans they pulled from the world's fair in Chicago a few years earlier.

Arlington Cemetery is surprisingly beautiful as well.

Anonymous said...

Folger Shakespeare Library pissed me off. There's only a very narrow window when The Seven Ages of Man window is available for public viewing. Most of it is closed off to non-academics. Call before you go.

Jeff D. said...

The National Cathedral. Lincoln's Cottage at the Old Soldier's Home. "The Exorcist" steps in Georgetown. The main Reading Room at the Library of Congress. The "Newseum" before it goes bye-bye. National 9-11 Pentagon Memorial (and the Air Force Memorial, which is right next to it). Mount Vernon. Union Station. The District Wharf. Iwo Jima and Arlington Cemetery (which includes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Changing of the Guard, the gravesites of JFK, JBKO & RFK, and the Challenger and Columbia Memorials). Eastern Market and Union Market. The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery & National Gallery of American Art. The National Building Museum. The International Spy Museum (if you can deal with a blend of fact with movie fiction).