Friday, January 25, 2019

What Is Even Happening

If you at all feel like the world's lost is goddamned mind lately, then have I got the movie for you! Head on over to The Film Experience to read my review of Serenity, writer-director Steven Knight's nervous breakdown starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway that is in theaters today. I don't specifically spoil anything besides just a general jaw-gaping sense of awe at this thing - the film's kind of impossible to explain anyway, it must be experienced. As far as I'm concerned it tips its hat toward What It's All About in its first five minutes and then spends the rest of the film revealing exactly that in the slowest car-crash ever put on screen. Is it good, is it bad, who the fuck knows - it's there, and it happened, I think! A good conversation could probably be had about the film and "Intentional Camp" I think, but otherwise one just sort of needs to let it wash over them so let's save that convo for another time when more people have seen it. Lived it. Survived it.

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Carlos said...

I liked Locke a lot, what a strange and risky movie. Definitely looking forward to this.