Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Must Watch Apocalypse For 2019

Now here's an apocalypse that we can actually look forward to -- Gregg Araki's new TV series for Starz called Now Apocalypse is premiering on March 10th and they've given us our first trailer and, uh, if you've ever seen anything by Gregg Araki you know what you should expect. I say that like it is a good thing, which it is, given "what you should expect" is...

... polyamorous pretty people of every queer persuasion wearing neon rubber jumpsuits and leather jackets and jerking each other off under starbursts and mushroom clouds. Who the hell doesn't want those things? I don't want to know anybody who doesn't want those things. Here's the trailer:

You can see my previous post on this show when it was announced right here - it stars Avan Jogia and Tyler Posey and Beau Mirchoff and, well, dozens more really but I only focused on those three when I giffed the trailer and you can now make like Beau's speedo bulge and slam into the jump for said gifs...


Chip Chandler said...

Oh my, Beau Mirchoff's speedo. Oh my.

Anonymous said...

Covert sequel to Nowhere? I seem to recognize the alien. Gregg Araki's work sometimes make me feel like he has rolled up one of those glossy style magazines about cutting edge cool people that were big in nineties and he is attempting to shove the entire thing into my mouth.

Either that or it's varying degrees of incredibly depressing. If you'd asked me "Do you want to see a beefy bear type fuck a totally naked Joseph Gordon-Levitt?" I would've answered hell yes but it turned out I didn't want to see that at all. I'm not saying it was a bad film I just kind of wish I hadn't watched it.

Anonymous said...

So excited for this show. Been hyped from the start.
It's SO classic Araki.