Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sick Day

I'm sick! I'm laid up with a fever. Anyway pay me no mind, just scroll down, I posted stuff this week, there's plenty to entertain yourselves with. (pic via) Or entertain yourselves with the rumor going around on Twitter that Jake might be joining Denis Villenueve's Dune -- it's totally baseless, somebody put his name onto the film's Letterboxd page and now it's gone, but you gotta admit... it wouldn't be terrible! Since the main remaining role that hasn't been cast is Timothée Chalamet's main antagonist, the supreme douche-bro played by Sting in David Lynch's film. I theorized Alexander Skarsgard for the role when Alex's father got cast as the character's father, but Jake has that by-all-accounts mutually-satisfying Enemy & Prionsers history with Villenueve to consider...

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Unknown said...

Get well soon Jason.