Wednesday, January 30, 2019

To Just the One I Loved Before

I just realized I haven't posted the trailer for Sorry Angel yet, to which I say... sorry, angels. (Womp womp -- sorry for that, too.) Sorry Angel is this year's great gay romance out of France, directed by Christopher Honoré and starring Pierre Deladonchamps (from Stranger by the Lake) and Vincent Lacoste as a May-December pair who find each other on the brink of December in 1990s Paris. I saw the film at the New York Film Festival back in September and was stunned by it, saying:

"Yet, like all love stories, it turns out that the impossible is possible, probable, and blazingly beautifully alive, for fleeting moments; they will themselves into being, the slippery little suckers, even on the darkest of nights."

You can read the whole swooning review right here -- you should not be surprised in the slightest to see this movie on my "Best of 2019" list; I absolutely adore it. The good news for you people is that the film is coming out in just a couple of weeks, here in New York anyway -- it is appropriately, given the big beating heart of this thing, opening on Valentines Day at the Quad. You wanna watch this movie. Here's the trailer:


Adrian C said...

i fell in love a little bit with Vincent Lacoste after watching this movie. he's not super handsome but he is oh so charming in it.

Jason Adams said...

Same, Adrian! I plan on giving Vincent some love right before the movie comes out :)

Unknown said...

This was the very first movie I saw in 2019, which was a great although slightly melancholy way to start to year. It really warmed my heart. As I was watching I kept reminding myself of Sorrentino's The Great Beauty which is also a great joyful movie about sadness/sad characters

Robert H said...

I recall you wrote something about this a few months ago, and that was intriguing but I missed your review. Thanks for the link.

"This is a smiling movie about sadness - it wasn't until hours after watching it that I realized I was somewhat devastated by its light chatty touch. It bathes in little beauties like long conversations, night-time walks, naked bodies and personal generosities; of people being thrilled beyond words by just touch. Of life ahead and life just lived and the pools where we meet from those opposite ends, where we swim around each other, wet and happy, spilling secrets, discoveries, other stuff."

Wow. When you really like something, your diction becomes florid, poetic and evocative. If your aim is to persuade, you've succeeded! Je vais courier vite au cinéma!

Robert H said...

"Courir": bloody auto correct.