Friday, November 16, 2018

Let the Great Movie Flood Come

When last Friday rolled around I didn't have anything to say about the weekend's new movies, as I hadn't seen any of them - this weekend on the other hand is a whole different bag of beans. There are by my count six movies out today that I've already offered up my thoughts on  (two of them just this afternoon), and in case you care what I have to say - and I hope you do, otherwise WTF you doing here? - here are links to what I went and said...

Here are my thoughts on Steve McQueen's Widows.

Here are my thoughts on Green Book, in limited release.

Here are my thoughts on Van Gogh biopic At Eternity's Gate.

Here are my thoughts on the horror flick Cam, out on Netflix.

Here are my thoughts on the fine horror flick
The Clovehitch Killer, which is in limited release.

And here are my thoughts on the Coens' The Ballad of Buster 
Scruggs, which is also on Netflix right this very minute.

I'm seeing the new Fantastic Beasts tonight, which... looks terrible.
But if you wanna share your thoughts on any of these movies
feel free to do so in the comments! Have a nice weekend, y'all.

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Shawny said...

I loved Scruggs. It was beautiful, super detailed, and framed by a witty point of view. Stuff like how the cautious townsfolk slowly take seat in front of the traveling orator makes me giggle. And that whole sequence was a jab at Netflix. It was no coincidence the the chicken’s stage was red, and it’s peckings lampooned internet algorithm.