Friday, November 30, 2018

And Here We Are, Nearing The End

Several movies worth seeing are coming out next weekend but this weekend, this one right here that today marks the start of, is kinda dry - I'm guessing that a lot of the indie stuff that's opened small so far, things like The Favourite (my review) and Boy Erased (my review), will be going wider though and that's where everyone will be, since the next two months are nothing but a mad-dash game of catch-up before the Oscars. 

I'm doing far better than usual on this front this year now that I get real honest-to-goodness grown-up screeners thanks to having gotten happily admitted into GALECA this year (read about that here) - there are only a few of the year's big movies left that I haven't seen yet since we've got to start voting on our awards soon, and out of what is left in the next week I'm seeing Ben Is Back, Vice, Vox Lux, and that Spider-man cartoon that everybody's seeming to love. 

I've refrained from watching a single Vox Lux trailer myself - the first images have been so bonkers what with Natalie Portman all bejeweled up and punked out that I decided to surprise myself on that front, see it all fresh when I'm sitting in the theater. Seems a good movie for that! Anyway this is all my rambling way of asking you guys here on the front-side of a slower weekend before the storm what you're all seeing this weekend, what you've seen so far out of the "awards" movies, and what you're digging?

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Anonymous said...

Loved Vice, Mary Poppins Returns. Admired Ben is Back for it's two lead performances although second half is kind of preposterous, they carry it off. Loved On The Basis of Sex. The audience I saw it with cheered. Kidman is pretty amazing in Destroyer but movie is definitely not for everyone. Admired Boy Erased and glad someone made this film for all those unfortunate people who might be in similar situations. Adore Lucas Hedges, but now he needs to do a comedy. Was impatient with Beautiful Boy. Impatient with If Beale St Could Talk and found it a bit self indulgent.

Daniel said...

I was pretty sure nothing would top Suspiria for me this year, and then I saw The Favourite.

Nothing else has captured my imagination at all, it's mostly just been FINE, although Shoplifters was beautifully subtle in how it went about breaking your heart.

Robert H said...

I adore Lucas too. Considering his recent interviews, I think he'd agree with you anonymous. Somebody find this talented young man a comedy!

Rebecca said...

I live in this apparent cinematic wasteland called Seattle, and I am waiting to see "Roma" at Cinerama (I didn't think it would show based on theatres originally announcing it, but have tix for tomorrow) and "The Favourite" opens here on Friday.

Dang Seattle, get your shit together. You're like Milwaukee with your release dates. <---(I'm from Milwaukee, I'm allowed to say this).

Jon said...

My favorite film so far this year is IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK. Gorgeous, funny, sexy, heartbreaking. Every damn emotion. And it was beautiful.

Also loved SCIENCE FAIR (Great sweet documentary), MARY POPPINS RETURNS (captures the spirit of the original which is one of the formative films of my being) and BLACKKKLANSMAN.

And BLACK PANTHER is just marvelous entertainment.

I still have a LOT more to see, but this year is shaping up well.