Monday, December 03, 2018

Good Morning, World

Happy Monday to you people and on top of that a happy 31st birthday to the actor Michael Angarano, one of our most unsung faves here at MNPP... although now that I have noticed he's been on several episodes of the Starbucks Holiday CD Turned TV Series This is Us I'm feeling a little wary. Oh well, I suppose an actor's got to act. Somebody give our beloved Bertie from The Knick another good gig, please! These shots are of Mike with Emma Roberts in the indie In a Relationship, which I saw at Tribeca last year (see also this picture) but never reviewed... it's okay? The highlight is a lot of Mike's butt, but when isn't that the highlight?

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Peggy Sue said...

I absolutely adore him, but he makes me feel a bit pervy because I first knew him as a kid in Will & Grace.