Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Three Outta Four Ponies Ain't Bad

Four actors just got cast in a new movie called Snow Ponies -- written by actor turned writer-director Pat Healy, it's about a group of "seven hardened men who travel across a vicious landscape to deliver a mysterious package" so I guess we'll hear the other three names at some point -- and three of the actors named I was excited about, and the fourth I was... the exact opposite of excited about. But I suppose we'll suffer through for the others. The exciting three are Jon Bernthal and Evan Peters and lil' Charlie Plummer. The fourth actor is Josh Gad, who just utterly exhausts me. But hey once upon a time Jon Bernthal's twangy posturing on The Walking Dead drove me up the wall, so perhaps Gad can... no, I doubt it. I doubt it, Josh Gad. Sorry.

But anyway it's the presence of Plummer that really enthralls me - from King Jack back in 2015 through this year's excellent Lean on Pete and the just recently reviewed horror flick The Clovehitch Killer Charlie Plummer has turned into one of my favorite young actors. I'm just about at the "I'll watch him in anything" point. (ETA it was just announced that Charlie also just got cast in a Hulu series adaptation of Josh Green's book Looking For Alaska.) I love Evan Peters too - he just hasn't been able to transfer his small-screen energy (something like this scene, perhaps) onto the big screen yet, but maybe this'll give him the chance.


MTMSLG said...

Oh dear, adding Jon Bernthal to anything just makes it UNWATCHABLE.

Jason Adams said...

I used to feel that way but he doesn't bug me that much anymore. I'm not entirely sure what changed -- I guess like him well enough as The Punisher