Monday, October 29, 2018

Good Morning, World

A happy 38 to Ben Foster today, who'll probably always be the Stanley to Gillian Anderson's Blanche in my mind (I was a big big huge fan of the stage adaptation of Streetcar here in New York a couple years back in case you missed it, going to see it three times, a total freak occurrence when it comes to me and theater)  no matter what other goodness he serves up and he's already served up some goodness this year - I thought he gave a very fine little performance in Leave No Trace (read my review here), Debra Granik's latest. 

Anyway these shots here are from his latest movie called Galveston - anybody watch it yet? I believe it's streaming (yup here it is on Amazon). Galveston was directed by Mélanie Laurent and co-stars Elle Fanning and it's a "hit-man plans revenge on those who wronged him" movie. This movie completely slipped past me, I don't remember hearing anything about it until last week, and yet it appears to've gotten some good reviews. Ben Foster is a big fuzzy treasure, bless.


AxFromMN said...

I still wish he'd gone through the hookup before killing the cute bear in "The Mechanic".

Forever1267 said...

He is DEFINITELY getting hotter with age. It's the Clooney Effect.

Unknown said...

I've seen Streetcar, and the production at St. Ann's was the best I've ever seen. As I said to the friend I went with, I've seen it before, but I never FELT it before.

Jenny said...

Ben Foster is a SUPERB actor and a VERY sexy guy.