Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Good Morning World

Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who's turning 32 today, is finally having himself a little moment with The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix - I'd argue he gives the best performance on the show as the addict twin Luke, perhaps tied with Victoria Pedretti as Nell. Anyway I went scanning back through our archives on him and he first caught our eye when he was up for the role of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter in 2011 - can you picture that? I kind of can, but given the ghosting of Ben Walker in that movie's wake perhaps it's best that didn't happen. (Lesson: Never burn a Gummer, folks.) 

Anyway we've covered all there is to cover with him over the years, going back to his big role nearly right out of the gate as the sexy bad guy in a Dwayne Johnson movie, and up through his gay antics with James McArdle in Man in an Orange Shirt, so it's up to him now to help us help him. Keep the content coming, Oliver...

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