Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Good Morning, World

I made myself some tea and cakes and crawled under a warm woolen blanket (oh my god in this heat - can you imagine? I did none of these things) and pretended I was in Merry Ol' last night and watched a bunch of BBC programming that hasn't aired here in the US yet thanks to the wild wonder of the world wide internet - namely I watched the first two "episodes" of Queers (I told you about that series here) with Ben Whishaw (typically astounding) and Dunkirk's Fionn Whitehead (Fionn actually got to give a performance in this; it was something to see! He has talent!) and I watched the first half of Man in the Orange Shirt, which...

... I have told you about plenty (here's the trailer) and which these gifs are from. Man in the Orange Shirt, you guys, is really lovely so far. The first half tells the WWII era tale of two soldiers (Oliver Jackson-Cohen and James McArdle) who fall in love but what with the 1940s and all, t'ain't meant to be. I've been saying this for years but makers of romantic movies really need to realize what a wellspring they've got in Gay Stories - talk about obstacles to overcome! We've got 'em in spades. 

OJC & McArdle have fabulous chemistry though and their scenes together (which are always too brief as befits their story) are full on British Romance Porn (think Matthias Schoenaerts in Far From the Madding Crowd + Michael Fassbender in The Light Between Oceans, fucking) with all the lovingly shot sweaters, tweeds and passionately fumbled suspenders and dropped britches you can imagine.

The second half hasn't aired yet but it promises a modern-setting and Julian Morris (who I believe is playing the grand-son of OJC's character) getting gay, so you best believe I'll be on top of that the second Julian lets me on top. Of it, that is. The show will air on PBS here in the US in June of 2018, for Pride, so stay tuned. As long as we, you know, exist by then.


Laramie Dean said...

That red sweater though!

Anonymous said...

Sigh... fuzzy boys are the best!

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES...screaming like Meg Ryan (When Harry met Sally)!

Daniel said...

"think Matthias Schoenaerts in Far From the Madding Crowd + Michael Fassbender in The Light Between Oceans, fucking"


Also, Man in the Orange Shirt looks great and I can't wait to see it.

J. Cross said...

I love that the Britis are so easy to explore the queer side of their history. Is it the private school tradition? Is queerness just more accepted in British culture? What other countries are more explorative of queerness than the brits?