Monday, October 22, 2018

Good Morning, World

I probably should've saved this for Wednesday when I will be spending the entire morning getting my annual physical, but holding off from making these gifs for another few days when this scene is already a week old seems unnecessarily cruel - of course it's not like Milo Ventimiglia and his tighty-whities are going anywhere. I mean (spoiler alert?) didn't they kill his character on This Is Us? I don't watch the show (good god it is not for me) but it's kind of impossible to live in 2018 and not know they killed his character. And yet here he is? Whatever, as long as he's in his underpants I'm not going to question their story-telling. You do you, This Is Us.


Anonymous said...

The show takes places across multiple time periods, so although he died, he continues showing up in storylines before his death.

Which basically makes his death meaningless and I don't understand why so much hype was put into it but you know, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Damn how short is he? Those tiny little legs are dangling off that table.