Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Good Morning, Elio

"For Oliver."

"From Elio."

As I just mentioned the other day this week - today, specifically - marks the one-year anniversary of me seeing Call Me By Your Name my very first time! The screening was at 10am so in just a pair of minutes the bells shall ring! Here is the Instagram post I did to mark that occasion that fateful day:

Here is that review I wrote in the afternoon, my head literally spinning. (That includes a picture of Luca at the press conference following the screening.) I wrote a whole lot about CMBYN over the months (and months) that followed, including a much longer piece that I'm pretty proud of right here, but that original reaction is probably the most honest and inspired thing that's ever poured out of me. There was no stopping it.

"Inspired" is an important word when it comes to me talking about CMBYN - Luca's film quite honestly improved my writing, says me, and it ignited something inside of me that's carried on to this day here twelve months later. I went back to the film in the theater (eighteen times!) because it was like a drug - every time I walked out of it I felt inspired. I walked higher, with a purpose to live life a little bit fuller. You don't get that feeling often enough from art. Especially, well, in these dreary days it was especially needed.

Anyway I might post more about the film today if I can fit it in among NYFF reviews and the like, but please share your feelings on the film here in the comments, if you like! And Happy 1st CMYBN Day! I'll clearly be celebrating this for years to come.


Unknown said...

I remember reading your review knowing it was only another few days before I got to see it. My enthusiasm went thru the roof after reading your words and I wasn't disappointed. Happy Anniversary :)

Sarah said...

I came to the film late and it lead me to your blog. Loved it! Stilll blown away by it!

Adam said...

Ordering your book of essays on it if you ever publish it!!

Robert H said...

Jason,l remember being so touched by your enthralling account of your own sexual awakening and the subsequent memories of my own it stirred in me that I temporarily forgot about the review itself. That was truly inspired writing and it transported me back to my own youth. As for the movie of the book I had so liked, I thought it was beautiful; I can't recall the last time I returned to see a film three times. I thought Timothée was amazing, and though Arnie wasn't exactly who I had envisioned when reading the book, after seeing the movie, I now cannot imagine anyone else as Oliver. In fact, my only dissatisfaction with the story on the page or screen is the lack of background about him. Inevitable, I suppose, as the events and perceptions unwind from Elio's point of view. All I could think at that heartbreaking ending was, Oliver if you really remembered everything, how could you pledge your fidelity and love to anyone else? If a sequel really is coming someday, maybe that question could be addressed. Happy CMBYN Day!