Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Prisoners (2013)

Keller: You know the most important thing your granddad ever taught me? Hmm? Be ready. Hurricane, flood, whatever it ends up being. No more food gets delivered to the grocery store, gas stations dry up. People just turn on each other, and uh, all of a sudden all that stands between you and being dead is you. 

A happy 51st birthday to director Denis Villeneuve today!  He's off preparing to shoot his big-budget adaptation of Dune and we really do wish him all the best - I would've been a little bit more optimistic before I fell asleep halfway through his Blade Runner 2049 movie but I'm hoping he took the lessons he learned making that and will apply them to Dune, especially since Dune could also fall quickly into ponderous territory if you let it. (Just ask David Lynch!) Anyway he's got Timmy so he'll be fine. And now, a query (and yes I'm skipping his early French-Canadian films because I wanted to limit this poll to five, but you may feel free to make your cases for Incendies or Polytechnique or Maelstrom in the comments):
bike tracks


AxFromMN said...

Maelstrom is narrated by a fish on the chopping block and is incredibly engaging. Game, set, match.

Matt miller said...

I'd say that Incendies is my favorite Villeneuve movie, but I love almost all of them (I didn't like Blade Runner very much either). Maybe I like more Arrival and Prisoners but I voted for Sicario because it's the one I have more fresh since I watched it and it's less bumpy than those two.