Wednesday, October 31, 2018

13 Mustaches of Halloween #13

I know, I know, I already used Wes Craven's Scream once for this series - it's a bit of an overkill to double-dip. (See our ode to Deputy Dewey right here.) But once it occurred to me I could hardly be expected to resist Craven's self-referential cameo playing a high school janitor named Fred with a penchant for familiar knit-wear...

"No running in the hallway."

Wes is of course referencing the scene in original Nightmare on Elm Street where Nancy falls asleep in class and bumps into a diabolically-inclined hall-monitor, which leads to one of my favorite lines of dialogue in a movie full of great quotable lines, namely...

Giving himself a cameo in the film, even as another character, also feels like a shout-out to Craven's New Nightmare movie, in which he played himself, blaming himself for unleashing a monster - that's probably too much to read into the cameo though since Craven gave himself cameos in several of his movies; he was in Shocker and Red Eye and all of the Screams... although his bit as a coroner in the fourth one got cut from the final product. You can see it here:
Anyway "Fred the Janitor" in the first Scream is my favorite of his cameos and clearly the best - he pops up in the scene where the Principal (played by the Fonz, aka Henry Winkler) is being stalked by Ghostface in the school as a red (and green striped) herring...

Honestly I've always hated this murder and found it dumb and gratuitous but I guess that's the point - these are dumb and gratuitous high school boys doing the killing (uhhh I guess spoiler, but come on, the movie is 22 years old now) and these lunkheads would totally murder their principal just cuz. And at least the scene gives us Fred!

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