Thursday, September 06, 2018

Tis the Season For Jake

A bunch of my friends got to see Wildlife in Toronto this morning (evil eyes at all of them) so I'm just making do with a few new pictures of Jake in GQ France (see the previously posted ones here) and oh right a brand new trailer for Wildlife, which looks more gorgeous and heartrending with every new frame we're given...

... and I'm not just talking about Jake wearing mid-century modern dad outfits. (Although it don't hurt.) I'm not too freaked out by everybody else getting to the movie first though, now that I have my own date - it's screening on the very first morning of New York Film Festival press screenings in just a week and a half! I can wait that long, I suppose. Here's that new trailer:

If you missed the first trailer see that here, and if you missed the great big batch of Jake pictures from the film that I previously posted see them here. For the rest of you people - you people! - Wildlife is out on October 19th, and yes that's just a couple of weeks after we'll be seeing Jake in Jacques Audiard's The Sisters Brothers, which is out on September 21st! (Watch that trailer here.) It's turned into a Gyllenhaalic's dream of a perfect Autumn. 

Unfortunately for me I can't go to the screening of TSB that's happening at MoMA a night early with Audiard there in person - they've been doing a killer retrospective of his movies to coincide with this new one, via which I've been able to catch a couple of his that I've never seen before including The Beat That My Heart Skipped with Romain Duris and Read My Lips with Vincent Cassel (I preferred the latter, for the record) - because I have a concert that night, but you best believe I'll be there the next day.

You best believe it. Anyway since some Jake is never too much Jake and enough Jake isn't a thing why don't we all hit the jump where I've gathered up some of them new GQ pictures as well as a few more gifs from the new Wildlife trailer...

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