Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Jake Gyllenhaal Three More Times

I posted some pictures of Jake on the cover and the inside of the new issue of GQ France yesterday over on the Tumblr, I figured that'd be enough, but today a few more pictures were released and that picture of Jake smiling in a sweater is an act of visual aggression towards me -- I am going to have to call the police now.

I mean I normally would wait for this photo-shoot to arrive without the type splayed all over it (I have a real tic about type) but these pictures will not wait. They won't be ignored, Dan!!! So here they are. If we get type-less ones eventually I'll update this post. For now just focus past the type to the plentiful beauty behind.


Anonymous said...

why does he look 60 now

Robert H said...

"Why does he look 60 now?"

Proof positive that nobody's eyes can be trusted...except mine and I agree completely on your assessment of that first photo as an act of visual aggression. Too much this early in the morning when I'm trying to get ready for to commute. Arrest him--I'll put on the cuffs and be the jail-keeper!

PS: In the lower-left corner of that black-and-white photo at the bottom of your post on him, Jake is saying: "If they tell me I'm sensitive, I answer, yes it's true. That's bad? At my age I figure, I've got a heart, I'll use it."