Thursday, September 06, 2018

Henry Golding Eleven Times

The leading man of the biggest rom-com in nine no six years is on the cover of Esquire Singapore this month (via, thanks Mac) looking as mighty fine as you'd expect. I was gonna yell at Esquire US for not having him on their cover but they did give us this nice photo-shoot of him this month at least, even if it's not a cover. (Cover, please!)

Click here if you'd like to see the previous photos we've posted of Henry. And here's my review of CRA, which I totally enjoyed -- I hope they can keep the spark going for the now green-lit sequel. And by "spark" I obviously mean ten times more abs! (I expect Harry Shum Abs at the very least.) Hit the jump for the rest o' Henry...

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Anonymous said...

He spent quite a bit o time here in Singapore when he was hosting a documentary series for our news station some years back. The thing is I ran into him at a supermarket and I just smiled at him because he was kind of cute and I'd seen him on TV. And he smiled back and asked me 'how are you doing?'. Such a friendly guy.