Thursday, September 27, 2018

Good Morning, World

Way back in February I shared a photograph of the German actors slash exhibitionists Florian David Fitz and Matthias Schweighöfer...

... showing off their luxurious communal goods on the set of their latest bad-boy goof called 100 Dinge (aka 100 Things) - well the film's out in December in Germany and they just dropped the trailer and holy hell it's basically being sold on the strength of their butt-cheeks alone. And those are some strong butt-cheeks.

The thing is two trailers were released - as seen above a censored one that's on YouTube (which I'll share below) and then an uncensored one on Facebook (thanks Tony) - the only problem is the FB one is square cropped and so shots like above become...

... as you can see, both of these releases have their plusses and their minuses. But I will not complain! I'm just glad we live in an international world now so I even know Florian David Fitz and Matthias Schweighöfer are making these movies in the first place since it'll probably never get a release here in the US, unfortunately. Here's the trailer:

And for now we'll make due, 
hit the jump for a couple dozen gifs...

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