Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Good Morning, World

Don't ask ME to look up how many times they've worked together in the past, it's too early for that, but two of our favorite Deutscher Twunks are reuniting for a new movie -- Matthias Schweighöfer posted this shot on his Instagram (click to embiggen; thanks Tony!) with Florian David Fitz this morning on the set of 100 Things, which... is something, I guess. It doesn't have a page on IMDb. This is why I said don't ask me to look up how many times they've worked together before - IMDB gets confusing for foreign movies. Anyway among the many gratuitous posts I have done on these two actors over the years - see here for Matthias and click here for Florian - we've posted many a picture of them together so my assumption is they're Germany's much sexier answer to Seth Rogen & James Franco. Lots of dumb-seeming broad comedies together. We look forward to more! Here's a bonus shot of Florian from his Insta:


Caliban said...

No, they only did one movie together so far: "Der geilste Tag" (The most beautiful day).
They do quite different movies. Schweighöfer does more comedy, Fitz most often does drama around fatal diseases and so on.
Both are really nice! I had the chance to do interviews with both. Very charming;)

Anonymous said...

It's actually a very good film on minimalism. It gets pretty serious. Two guys who put away all their belongings- hence the nudity. and actually they are just nude for a couple of minutes in the film, when they have literally nothing. So, it's not just gratuitous, but I am still grateful;-)