Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Truth Is Right Here

Now that I've noticed Guillaume Canet's resemblance to Patrick Dempsey (see this tweet from last week) I'm never going to un-notice it, and I'm never gonna not feel dumb for not having noticed it sooner. For serious! It's kind of crazy. Anyway it's especially prominent in Olivier Assayas' latest film Non-Fiction, which has Guillaume acting opposite Juliette Binoche in an existential comedy set against the collapsing publishing world, and which I just reviewed over at The Film Experience before its premiere at the New York Film Festival next week. Go read my words, even if my denseness regarding this whole Canet / Dempsey situation can be seen from outer space.


Anonymous said...

It's rare that guys get cuter with age. More distinguished, sure. Sometimes more handsome. But huggable adorability generally decreases.

Maybe it's just the sweater. There's something about a chunky knit.

Anonymous said...

What? Not even a hint about Suspiria since you saw it. Just a hint?