Monday, July 23, 2018

Ten Years of Andy Garfield

That picture above isn't from the movie but today is the 10th anniversary of the US release of Andy's film Boy A, which I absolutely loved at the time but which I haven't seen since. Due a re-visit, for sure! The film basically introduced Garfield to the world - he'd done some TV before that in the UK (including two episodes of Doctor Who) but this was his first film and the strength of his performance, and the film-making from director John Crowley (who'd go on to make Brooklyn most recently)...

... carried this one to a lot of eyes and before you knew it wham Spider-man, Tonys, Emma Stone, et cetera. In my mind this remains, give or take a Never Let Me Go or Red Riding, Garfield's greatest performance but like I said, it's been ten years. I posted a little bit of Andy shirtless in the movie here, and I posted about this being "The Moment I Fell For" Him - I still remember the dance scene vividly - and I briefly raved about the film when it first came out but mostly used my post as an excuse to screen-cap some gorgeous images from the film - it's really spectacularly shot, which isn't a surprise given what Crowley's shot since.

Anyway have any of you seen it lately?

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Scott said...

Haven't seen it in years, but I think about it (and recommend it) all the time. An outstanding performance and a deeply affecting film.