Monday, July 16, 2018

Tab is Coming To Town

Mark your calendars, gays and gay-lovers (or, you know, movie lovers in general I suppose) -- TCM is celebrating the life and work of the actor Tab Hunter this Friday with an all-day marathon of his movies! Starting with 1953's The Steel Lady, Tab's fourth film about a group of oilmen who uncover a WWII tank buried in the desert...

... they're screening eight films, running up through 1972's The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, which starred Paul Newman not to mention Tab's former flame Anthony Perkins. I've seen Judge Roy Bean (which in weird related news is being dropped on blu-ray tomorrow) but I haven't seen a single one of the other seven films they're showing - see the whole list and schedule on TCM's site right here. I'm gonna record them all! But what especially grabbed me...

... was their description of a film they are not screening, one I don't recall knowing about. (There's a chance he might've talked about it in his book and I forgot about it, I guess, since my brain is mush.) Here's what they write:

"Perhaps his finest performance was as the lonely Venice Beach psychopath of Curtis Hanson's directing debut, "The Arousers" (1973)..."

The film is also known as Sweet Kill and it is available on DVD -- have any of you seen it? I'm a big fan of Curtis Hanson already - The Hand That Rocks the Cradle forever - so this just jumped way way up my watch list. Anyway let's all tune into TCM this weekend and memorialize ourselves some classic Tab, people.

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