Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hot Summer Timmy

Hot Summer Nights, a film that's seemingly based upon the bedrock-stiff foundation of "wanting to stare at Timothée Chalamet's neck" if the trailer is anything to go by, is out for you to watch right this second! Is it out in actual theaters this weekend though? I have no idea. Okay I do know it's out in one theater, Cinema Village, here in New York this weekend, but beyond that good luck. But you can rent the film at all the usual online places including Amazon right now. So perhaps that picture of Timmy-Tim above inspires you - who am I to judge? Go to town. I myself haven't had the chance to watch it quite yet but I'm gonna be on a bus for several hours tomorrow so you best believe it's happening.

In other news a Tumblr recently shared some pictures I'd never seen before of Tim and friends reading the Call Me By Your Name script for the first time in 2015, including that one above - click on over to see a few more. Love the sweater, Tim! Do you realize that I haven't watched CMYBN in a couple of months? Can you IMAGINE? No wonder I've had this dull throbbing ache in my brain. I need my fix!


Adrian C said...

well, timothée is great as always, but the movie is kind of a mess. even if it is beautifully shot.

Anonymous said...

A waste of Timmy’s talent unfortunately