Thursday, April 12, 2018

Elio Deals Drugs

It's Timmy Time! The trailer for Timothée Chalamet's next movie, the teen weed comedy (for lack of a better descriptor) called Hot Summer Nights has arrived, and it looks way more substantial than I was kind of expecting it to. I'm getting kind of a Go Jr. vibe? Maybe that's just the presence of William Fichtner playing a creep...

... but Timmy certainly adds to its cache, acting-wise. Plus Maika Monroe of It Follows and The Guest is the female lead and we enjoy her. But even beyond the casting it looks visually inventive and fun. Oh and it's another period piece for TIm-Tim...

... which I was happy to see confirmed in the mid-trailer photograph montage seen above. It's 1991, so those outfits he's wearing make sense now. I mean those polos and jeans...

Anyway watch:
What do we think? 
Hot Summer Nights hits DirecTV June 28th 
and then's in theaters at the end of July.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. What is Lil Timmy Tim getting himself into?

tanpoffel said...

Seeing him kiss another girl in this trailer did my head in. I felt so bad for Marzia!