Monday, June 04, 2018

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #152

"Three o'clock."

"You get raped."

"Be there."

I still get a kick out of how Dawn Wiener actually shows up for her rape appointment with Brandon - as with every single second of Todd Solondz's 1996 masterpiece of junior high school horrors Welcome to the Dollhouse it rings so painfully true it leaves a welt.

The jabs the movie takes at the "high school transcripts" that Dawn's brother Mark is always going on about are variations on the same theme - we are so painfully clueless as kids about the scope of the world and our own abilities for self-determination inside of it that we fall into line with the most insane and stupid and even self-harming requirements. 

Dawn doesn't even seem to realize that she has a right to say no to this lot in life. She couldn't, you know, NOT go to the library. That would involve skipping! A good person, a person with DIGNITY, doesn't skip, and definitely doesn't grade grub.

I also think it's funny this is the last time see the character of Lola, Dawn's female tormenter who's previously called dibs on Brandon - in this movie's gloriously debauched logic this sort of represents a "win" for Dawn; she "gets the guy" and leaves Lola in the dust. 

Lucky, lucky Dawn...

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Anonymous said...

Love this movie so much.