Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Hey Yourself, Charlie Hunnam

I'm not sure if his movie Triple Frontier is still filming but Charlie's sure still in Hawaii, as these pictures (via, thanks Mac) testify - they are of course being sold as a "triumphant reunion" with his girlfriend (who I edited out as best I could) after he was pictured with, gasp, other females in his presence recently, but I really couldn't care less about his romantic narratives.

I just wanna look at that. Aren't you guys proud of how good Charlie's been at keeping himself nice and pasty even after all this time on the beach lately? I sure am. He's gonna have nice skin until it sloughs right off - living the dream. Anyway if you missed the previous beach pictures click through the Charlie archives...

... but in other Charlie news there's a new teaser trailer for his remake of Papillon (with Rami Malek) out - you can watch it over here on this Charlie Fan Instagram account, which is weirdly the only place I have seen it or could find it after thirty seconds of exhaustive searching. Or just hit the jump for what really and truly matters, more of Charlie at the beach...

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