Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The Hunks of Philadelphia

He hasn't posted any more videos of himself showering outdoors but Matthias Schoenaerts is still on vacation in Costa Rica according to today's photograph, seen above - well enjoy it while you can Matty because you'll have to be back to work by August says today's news out of Cannes. It was just announced that he's going to star in a mafia movie called The Sound of Philadelphia for relative newcomer Jérémie Guez (whose first movie A Bluebird in My Heart is out this year, but he's also responsible for co-writing the script for the very fine French zombie movie The Night Eats the World, which I just reviewed at Tribeca). The big draw here though, besides Schoenaerts, is who's starring opposite him - his co-stars are Garrett Hedlund and Scoot McNairy! 

Heck yeah. That means Garrett is going straight from wrestling half-naked with Charlie Hunnam on the beach to doing tough-guy stuff with Matthias Schoenaerts, which is kind of the textbook definition of "living the dream." I don't know if I wanna be you, Garrett Hedlund, or if I wanna... y'all can fill in the blank there. I'll let you. (thx Mac)

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tanpoffel said...

What do you mean OR? Why not have it both ways?!