Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The Other Jake

We keep under-valuing Jake Lacy, you guys. I mean it's working out okay for him - he keeps getting work in wonderful movies like Obvious Child and Carol and being under-the-radar smashing in them but in that supportive "don't rip down the drapes" sort of way. He's got a long career ahead anyway, I think. We get the best indication of what he's capable of to date in Kent Jones' new movie Diane, which I just reviewed over at The Film Experience, but again this ain't his movie - this movie is a showcase for veteran character actress and national treasure Mary Kay Place, who plays his mother. It's her movie. She is wonderful. But keep your eyes on the Lacy! I mean, let's not forget what he's got on under there after all...

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Sam said...

I have missed Mary Kay Place. She popped up, briefly, on Grey's Anatomy, recently, but I am so excited to see this! She's such a great, underrated actress. Next season of Fargo, maybe?